Dreams Do Come True

Hello my friends well I made it. For those new here you may want to read the post located HERE explaining some of my background and why I wanted to see Queen perform. For those who have read it and have been following I made it to th concert and survived.

So how did the night go it was AMAZING!! not only as a huge fan of Adam Lambert was I thrilled to be there but also as a Queen fan. It was so surreal to be standing there watching these musical geniuses perform. It was everything I hoped it would be and more and yes I pretty much turned into a puddle of goo when Brian May stood in front of me playing his guitar I admit it. Not to mention Adam is pretty brilliant to watch from the front row. He is larger then life when on stage. the only way I can describe how I felt watching him and Queen was to say I was spellbound by them.

From the first note to the last I was in awe and to share that with my son is a moment I will never forget. I loved seeing his face light up with joy getting to see Brian, Roger and Adam perform with the rest of the musicians. He was so into the music that it made my heart sing.

I was asked recently by an online acquaintance if it was worth my time, money and travel to fly all the way out to L.A. to see this show. My answer "HELL YES!!" if my bank account would allow it I would so take my son to another show just so he could relive all the EPICNESS that is Queen and Adam Lambert. However sadly my bank account is dead and well I'm happy to have had at least a small slice of heaven to cherish for years to come.

Now I leave you with some photos I took at the show. Please enjoy and if you get the chance to see this show please go you will not regret it and I promise it will leave you with a smile on your face and in your heart after all it's Rock-n-Roll baby.

Oh and though I know there are people out there that will write better music reviews and more in depth critiques, as well as a better written account of their experience. I can offer you this look of joy on my son's face. I mean doesn't a picture speak louder then words.

A Night With Adam

Before I tell you about my Awesome Birthday Weekend with Adam I must first say thank you to some people.

First I must say thank you to my son for always being my wing man. He goes with me to all the concerts and is everything from my fashion consultant to hair guy to comedy relief he is by far an amazing young man and I have to pinch myself to remember he is truly mine.

Second I have to thank my husband for always driving to this event. Even though this was his first weekend off in several weeks he got up and drove 6 hours to Maimi in bad weather and horrible traffic just so I could see Adam. He is an awesome husband in the words of the beautiful Pink “It must be true love”

Finally I want to thank @Artistsupporter @HannaBec @caligurl1958 @Josh32054 #Emma for without there love, kindness and generosity now of this would have been possible they are the true shining star of this fandom and I owe them big time.

Ok now for details after a long drive to Miami that resulted in a very stiff back and a butt that fell asleep we arrived at the Fontainebleau hotel it was gorgeous. We headed to check in and while I was walking over to front desk to check in I saw Ashley and said Hi unfortunately I was a little side tracked with trying to put my eyes on son that I didn’t say more then Hi and thought I had missed my only opportunity to really get to talk to her but that wouldn’t be the case. Anyways we got checked in and headed over to pick up our VIP bracelets for the night. After which we went to our room to drop everything off.

When we got in our room there was a beautiful welcoming basket filled with goodies. After dropping off everything son and I headed out to explore hotel and do a little stalking I mean sight seeing. We ran around for a few hours until about 6:30 when we decided to go on over to meet and greet area to wait things out. While there I can to a few realizations one the fandom really is a big family you guys laugh together, tell stories, run and hug one another when you see another fan you know it really was a beautiful thing to witness. I also realized that I am totally the odd girl out even though I have attended every concert Adam has had here in FL(contrary to popular belief that I have never seen Adam perform)  there wasn’t one person there that I knew other then one that I recognized by her twitter name alone. Shocking I know but that said it was so cool to once again be that dorky misfit watching all the cool kids mingle and have fun. I also realized that in a very short time a long standing dream of mine was going to come true and I was on the verge of peeing myself in all my nervousness. Then of course because my wonderful son and wing man in all this goes and makes things even more interesting by whispering in my ear not to face plant in front of Adam. Hello way to help the nerves kiddo.

So fast forward to actual meet and greet we enter the room where Adam is and my heart literally is beating out of my chest I wasn’t even this nervous on my wedding day. My son is chattering in my ear and all I can do is stare at Adam like an idiot. Finally son pushes me to get my attention and ask if I can see Adam’s boots yet. Well no I’m still stuck on the art work on his arm thinking how much I would love to get a closer look if he would let me. Finally we get to the front and thank goodness for once my feet did not fail me but my mouth does for the first thing out of my mouth is “see I told you, you would like his boots” yep it was an open mouth insert foot kind of moment. I was awesome if anyone was going to make a complete fool of themselves it was me, but it didn’t matter because all I could think about was my dream was finally coming true and I was meeting Adam. I can safely say that in 42 years it was the best birthday present ever and there will never be another gift that could possibly top it unless he came back next year for my birthday to perform and I could steal a hug. So after the meet and greet which felt very surreal we headed off to meet hubby in the lounge for the concert.

When the show started it was EPIC I danced, sang, and pretty much acted like a 16 year old let loose on a school night it was AMAZING. I kept looking at my son every once in awhile just to make sure he was ok and having fun he was literally captivated by Ashley and Tommy it was such a beautiful thing to see him enjoying the show. It was also really cute when he leaned over and yelled in my ear that he taught Adam all his dance moves. All too soon the show was over and we were being escorted out.

As we were outside the lounge by the elevators a very beautiful guardian angel granted me another wish and well made another dream of mine and my son’s come true by having the band come over to say Hi. Yes son finally got to meet Ashley who he is totally smitten with and of course his idol Tommy. It was so much fun Brian gave son some musical advice, Ashley gave son some advice about not being so shy around them both he took to heart. Tommy, Ashley, Brian and Rick all took pictures with son which I thought was super sweet of them and OMG Ashley gives the best hugs ever and is absolutely gorgeous. It was a wonderful time just hanging out with them and talking, so much fun finally they all headed their separate ways to get rest and to enjoy the rest of the night. It was the perfect ending to an amazing night and was the best birthday weekend ever. Plus my son is even more smitten with Ashley, feels Brian is a musical genius, Rick is just cool by all standards, Tommy is still the most awesome guitar player and that his greatest rubbed off on him for just standing near him. Finally he is in complete awe of Adam and still is very determined that should Adam ever get tired of his boots he so wants them.

As for me I am still completely in love with Adam’s voice, stage presence and talent he still holds my heart captive with his overall adorableness. He has such a beautiful soul I love that he is just himself and I thank him for that. I am also very much in awe of Brian, Tommy, Rick and Ashley for their talent and their kindness. Plus I absolutely adore Ashley even more after meeting her that I just wanted to scoop her up and bring her home with me. I can safely say that next to the birth of my son this was the most magical night of my life and I am still so grateful for those who had a hand in making all of mine and my son’s dreams come true you are all amazing and I can never find enough words to say thank you nor can I ever repay you for your kindness though I will continue to try.

Now it’s back to reality and life as I know it which is homework, house work, volunteer work and having the best job ever being a mom. Here are pictures from all our meet and greets if anyone wants to have a look.

Update: Since writing this post Hubby has decided this year for my Christmas present he is taking me to see Adam perform again this time in  Biloxi, MS. I am thrilled of course and i am sending out good vibes to the universe my surgery goes well that I am having three days before this so I am able to travel. Also son is excited to be seeing his girl Ashley perform again I believe he may be just a bit smitten. Overall very excited to be going again. Anyone think Adam might be willing to autograph the bandage I'll have on my head.